I participated in a number of European projects (GEORAMA, GEOCOMPASS, DigitalSee, eduGI) that investigated the technical and commercial feasibility of sharing spatial or geographic information accross boundaries, concepts and languages. My otherwise mostly theoretical research could there be tested with real world data. I have been involved in the development of various prototypes utilizing: Internet technologies and programming, Web (map) services, OGC specifications, and Web questionniares. Beyond the technological aspects such as designing spatial data infrastructures and geographic information systems I have been investigating the economic implications and business models of systems dealing with geographic information.

In a research project with rmData GmbH and the Advanced Computer Vision GmbH - ACV, a subsidiary of the Austrian Research Centres I designed geodata server architectures with distributed databases and investigated the development of algorithms to efficiently determine the topology of vector data using computational geometry.

Since 2001 I have been working as a project manager, continously monitoring the progress of projects, communicating with project partners of international consortiums, organizing meetings and workshops, and preparing documents for reporting purposes and to acquire new funding.

I enjoy project driven work as every project is different and the challenges that have to be tackled vary with the progress of the different endevours. After being involved in a couple of succesful projects I like to express that each of them gave me the possibility to get to know very different and interesting people sharing their knowledge in research and technology. If you are one of them and lost contact or you have ideas that might fit with my research interest feel free to contact.

Currently I am involved in two projects that deal with people's understanding of place. If you are interested feel free to follow the links below:

  1. OS Vernacular Geography